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Dr. Gerry Ceccarelli
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Regine Thorre- a patient since May 2012, shares how much her pain has improved since getting regular adjustments:

Julio--works hard with his body, and was saved with chiropractic care:

Ivy--is happy to have her life back after she couldn't get answers to her health concerns anywhere else:

Daphnie--thought she had to live with chronic neck pain and give up her dream of dancing:

Helen came to us in extreme pain experiencing migraines, allergies and chronic back pain. Not only have her symptoms dramatically improved but her quality of life has improved as well! Watch her video to see why she gets Chiropractic treatment at Alive & Well Chiropractic!

Carmen DeJesus--a wonderful massage therapist, now acupuncture student tells why she uses regular chiropractic care:

Here's where Dr. Merrick goes for an incredible yoga experience. Yanti Amos, owner, is gracious, and exudes a calm, reflective energy which is disarming! Her teachers are hand-picked:

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "This was my first time coming to a chiropractor and it was amazing. The Dr. Explains everything and shows you what is going on. Makes you completely comfortable. Plus there was a 60 min massage after. If you thought your poster was good, you walk out feeling great. Staff is wonderful, would recommend it."
    Adina L.
  • "I'm so happy that I found this place, and that it is so close to my office. Dr. Tim is awesome, down to earth, so welcoming and understanding. He really takes the time to listen to what you want, and need, and he does all that he can for you to reach your healing goals. Dr. Tim and his staff create an environment that allows you to accept their healing energies. I find that weekly adjustments and massages really help me to heal from not only rigorous physical activity, but also from daily stressors. My massage therapist (I cannot recall his name) was INCREDIBLE - very likely the best deep tissue/sports massage that I have ever received.
    I would recommend this office to anyone who seeks a deeper connection to their very essence, who wants to heal, and create and nurture positive healing energy."
    Mila K.
  • "Dr Tim is amazing. I went there with a terrible back pain. After I finished the whole session I felt half of my pain has gone."
    Sadia A.